The Sloth

This is me! My name is Taylor and I live in Lancaster, PA. I know what you’re thinking and I am not Amish. Although there are many Amish folks who live around our city! I am 27 years old and have finally, almost 3 years ago, discovered my niche in event planning. I love my job and thrive in constantly improving and innovating the program that I work in.

I have an amazing boyfriend, Ryan, and we have been together for almost 4 years now. But believe me, I’ve had my share of shitty boyfriends and terrible experiences. He has taught me how to trust and love again and to fully commit myself to someone without fear.

We have two fur-babies together: Goose and Squish. Both are cats that are basically people … and behave like people.

I am probably going to change all this shortly. Stayed tuned.