Strawberry Fudge Bites

Strawberry Fudge Bites

Ok everyone. I am so addicted to these guys, I just felt like I had to share. I got the recipe from Lil’ Sipper but changed it a little because I don’t pay attention to detail. 

I’m calling my version: Strawberry Fudge Bites. And they are somewhat good for you!


1/2 cup chocolate chips (I got lactose free and organic because of my tummy and I probably ended up using a whole cup)

1 heaping teaspoon of coconut oil

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

1 oz. freeze-dried strawberries (I only saw “dried” on my list when at the grocery store, so I messed up and just got dried strawberries. But I still made it work)

  • Melt down chocolate and once it is all melted, add the coconut oil. Stir until it all melts and blends. 
  • Pour the chocolate in to a blender and add the Greek yogurt. Blend until smooth. 
  • Refrigerate the chocolate for about an hour or until it is firm (mine took about two hours)
  • Blend the freeze dried strawberries in blender until they are basically dust. Then you take the chocolate, roll it in to little balls and then roll the balls in the strawberry dust. Since I had regular dried strawberries, I just rolled the blended strawberries in with the chocolate as I made that in to a ball. 
  • Enjoy! Thanks again Lil’ Sipper for sharing this wonderful treat 🙂

—I thought of my strawberry fudge bites the whole time I was doing downward-facing sloth this morning …