Ga Ga’d

Ga Ga’d

A few nights ago, Lady Gaga gave an incredible performance at The Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. It was almost literally flawless. I was blown away by the performance. Yet, the next day, all over my Facebook feed, I see comments about how Lady GaGa’s stomach flab ruined the show and she should have hit the gym a few more times before hitting the stage. I was flabbergasted!

I’m not going to lie and say that I did not notice it too, but it’s very trivial and her performance was so amazing that it literally didn’t even matter. It makes me sad that people feel the need to make those comments and its comments like that, that make other women (including myself) feel the way they do about their bodies. I mean … seriously. Look at this:


So she’s got a little flab, who cares? Who doesn’t? Does that really give you the right to trash her whole performance? I’d like to see the people who made those comments take their shirts off and dance around on stage in front of millions of people.

But anyway, rant over. I’m just trying to say that this is why women are the way they are. Want to know why we take forever to get ready and are constantly obsessing over our bodies and the way we look? The little belly flab up there is exactly why. The incredible pressure to look Barbie doll perfect will never go away until society lifts women off of this impossible pedestal of what they “should” look like and allows them to be regular people (like men, HA!) with imperfections and flaws.

–My fat rolls when I do downward-facing sloth.