Issues Sleeping

Issues Sleeping

My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 2.5 years now and we have acquired two fur-babies during that time. Goose and Squish. We got Goose first from a friend who found two kittens in their backyard. He is all black and probably one of the weirdest cats I’ve ever had. He is afraid of everything! There is a hole in the floor of one of the closets that we haven’t gotten around to fixing and he hides there in the hole the majority of the time.

In an attempt to make him more comfortable, we thought maybe if there is another cat around, it might put him at ease a little bit. So we went to Pet Pantry (much like the Humane League) and we found Squish. Squish ended up being the complete opposite of Goose. She cuddles and is very social and is always downstairs with us. But she has helped Goose come out of his shell a little as well. He is starting to venture away from his hole, down the stairs and hangs out with us … until he hears someone walk by or laugh outside, then it’s back to the hole!

Recently, Goose has started a neurotic schedule with me. He usually sleeps on the end of our bed, which is fine, so I leave our bedroom door open. Around 5:00AM, the witching hour begins and the cats start running around the house like crazy, chasing God knows what. I get up and close the door now, so they don’t come running through our room. Then at approximately 6:00AM, Goose starts meowing outside our bedroom door. When I ignore him, because it’s 6:00AM, he starts clawing under the door. He claws and pulls so hard the whole door shakes and if he can find a loose piece of clothing on the other side, he starts to try and pull it through under the door.

This is when I get up, because I know he wants fed. Which used to make sense because I would fill up their dry food and give them fresh water and also give them some wet food. But they stopped eating the wet food (Why? Because they’re ungrateful bastards) and I don’t need to fill up his food bowl with dry food every morning because they don’t eat that much in one day. So now at 6:00AM, I get up “fill his bowl” and give him fresh water. Then I got back to bed and close the door behind me.

Another hour passes and again at 7:00AM, I am woken up by Goose either pulling a sweater under the door or plucking it with his claws (Mind you, my boyfriend, Ryan sleeps through all of this). So now I officially get up because for some reason, as long as I am out of our bedroom, he stops. It’s like clockwork every morning… 5:00AM, 6:00AM, 7:00AM. It’s like Goose has a little watch that dings every hour so he knows when it is time to wake up mama. I’ve tried everything I can think of to break up this schedule, but it’s not working.

I am writing this in frustration because we just went through this cycle again this morning and I woke up much earlier than I wanted to on my day off work. If there are any cat experts out there, what do I do? How do we break this vicious cycle? Any suggestions are appreciated.

—A very tired sloth.